A large proportion of pets undergo a surgical procedure or investigation involving anaesthesia at some time during their life, most often for neutering. For the vast majority this is straightforward and uneventful. However, no anaesthetic can be 100% safe. For that reason we use only 'Gold Standard' drugs (such as Rapinovet and Isoflurane) that we would consider the safest available for your pet. We use up to date equipment for monitoring such as pulse oximeters and ECGs, as well as a dedicated nurse.

Some problems with anaesthesia can occur because of underlying disease that is not readily detectable by examination. For this reason we would suggest that your pet undergo a blood test BEFORE undergoing anaesthesia.

We are also very keen to provide excellent pain control (analgesia) for all of our surgical patients and pay particular attention to each individual petÆs requirement.  If you have any worries or concerns then please speak to a member of the vet or nursing team.

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