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Our goal is to help to improve farm profitability and productivity via offering a range of up to date services:





Fertility work

We offer routine visits with no time constraints on a contract system (or these visits can be charge on a Time basis if preferred).  A regular vet is designated to the farm, and they will visit weekly, fortnightly or three weekly as required, they will provide a point of contact for each client within the practice and help to assess and improve on-farm fertility.

Early PD’s can be confirmed from 30 days using high-tech portable ultrasound equipment (battery pack scanners and goggles).  The convenient design of these scanners enables us to work easily with each farm’s handling facilities and ensure accurate results.  We can also detect problems causing poor fertility such as ovarian cysts, endometritis, and anoestrus.

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Bull Semen Testing

Bull Semen Testing is provided by Isobel Payne, who is qualified to use our electro-ejaculator.  Semen samples can be obtained and assessed by microscopy to determine a bulls suitability for work.  The bull is also checked for any issues with the reproductive tract to ensure he will be able to perform his role as required!  This service can be vital is you rely on a bull for all insemination work, and can also be very helpful if you are planning on selling a bull and can help add value to an animal.  Certificates of fertility are provided.

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Repeat Breeder Embryo Transfer

Dairy cows suffering from repeat breeder syndrome (unable to conceive a pregnancy despite an apparently normal reproductive system) can be treated by Ian Robinson who offers a service in Embryo Transfer.  In this procedure – an inexpensive embryo (obtained by the practice) is transferred into the cow under hormone treatment.  Success rates have been as high as 50-60% conception rates.  Prices charged for this service are not high and it can provide an economical option for cows which persistently cycle with no pregnancy.  If you would like to know more information, please contact the surgery.

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InterHerd Plus

InterHerd and InterHerd Plus software is used regularly within the practice for monitoring farm performance – with a focus on fertility and somatic cell counts.  Farm data can be given directly to the farm vet or obtained via links with CIS or NMR websites following milk recording.  Quarterly reports can help guide the fertility work on farm and flag up areas of poor performance.

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Mastitis and Somatic Cell Counts

2 of our vets have attended expert training courses on mastitis investigation and we are fully equipped to identify the cause of on-farm mastitis problems.  We can offer the following services:

  • Milking machine performance assessment
  • Guidance on milk sampling and laboratory work
  • Interpretation of culture results and advice on antibiotic choice and resistance problems
  • Teat scoring
  • Housing assessments and advice on cubicle design/bedding choice
  • Monthly Somatic cell count reports using InterHerd Plus software

We have seen much success with using our in depth approach to mastitis and somatic cell count problems, with farms seeing rapid improvements.

Monthly Somatic cell count reports can be generated using individual farm data, enabling advice to be given at the individual cow level as well as across the whole herd.  Information can be gleaned on dry period performance, antibiotic choices, success of current treatment protocols as well as treatment plans for individual animals and chance of cure.

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Herd Health Planning

Regular disease monitoring is part of Charter Vets Herd Health Planning Programme.  BVD, IBR, Johnes and Lepto can cause huge on farm losses if monitoring and vaccination programmes are not put in place.

At Charter Vets we have experience in dealing with all of these diseases.  Management plans can be designed for the individual farm for eradication of Johnes and BVD, and vaccination protocols for IBR and Lepto can be put in place.

Biosecurity issues can be addressed and up to date Herd Health Plans can be provided using myhealthyherd or the BCVA Herd Health Planner.

Lameness issues can reduce the profitability of animals, not only in terms of medicines and time spent treating individuals, but also in suppression of milk yield,reduction in fertility and poor growth rates.  Charter Vets can help to investigate the cause of lameness and design foot bathing protocols and treatment regimes to assist in infectious disease prevention and eradiation.  Other factors affecting lameness, such as nutrition, cow tracks, cubicle and housing design will also be addressed in our whole farm approach to veterinary problems.

TB Testing:  A vital service these days, we provide an efficient TB testing service.  Our vets carry out all TB testing themselves, without the use of lay TB testers.  This means you will always have a vet on farm and available to carry out other work at the same time e.g. pregnancy diagnosis or dehorning.  We generally can ensure there are no long waits for pre-movement testing if phoned in advance.

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Out of Hours

Emergency work is an inevitable part of the service we provide.  You can be sure that if you need to contact the surgery out of hours, you will be put straight through to the mobile of the on call farm animal vet.  This means that you will be able to speak directly to someone you know and who is highly experienced in farm animal work.  Our out of hour charges are very minimal and all of our vets live within the local area so you can be sure of a speedy response when you need it!

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The social side!

We have always been a very social practice, with good practice-client relationships. We hold regular evening farmer meetings at The Swettenham Club, where we provide a fun and informative meeting, will refreshments such as Pie and Peas!

On farm discussion group meetings are provided covering topics such as Dealing with Pneumonia, Tackling Environmental and Contagious Mastitis and The Best approach Johnes Disease. 

Free monthly newsletters are provided by the farm office covering relevant veterinary topics and new drug offers.

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