Spaying a bitch involves removing the uterus and ovaries (ovariohysterectomy). There are many advantages:

Unwanted pregnancies are prevented.
If a bitch is spayed before two and a half years old the chances of mammary (breast) cancer are reduced almost to zero.
Pyometra (a common life threatening uterine infection) can not occur.
False pregnancy (milk production and behavioural changes after a season) can not occur.
Bleeding and unwanted male dog attention at the time of the season are stopped.

We recommend letting your bitch have her first season and then to spay her 3 months afterwards.


In dogs the main benefits of castration are reduced aggression and oversexed behaviour. It also helps against straying when chasing bitches in season. It protects against testicular cancer, prostate problems and tumours of the anus. Castration can be done any time after 6 months of age.

Both males and females can be prone to weight gain after neutering due to a decrease in metabolism. It is important, therefore, to feed less and to keep an accurate check on weight to make sure that obesity does not become a problem.


The benefits in cats are similar to dogs, with the added advantage of reducing the smell and urine spraying usually associated with male cats. It also helps greatly in keeping the population of unwanted stray kittens to a minimum.


Again the benefits are similar to dogs and cats . Both the doe and buck are usually less aggressive after neutering, often making them better pets for children. Female rabbits are also very prone to uterine and ovarian cancer as they older so a spaying operation will prevent this.

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