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At Charter Vets we focus on the general well being of your pets, rather than just the treatment of animals when they become ill. Indeed many illnesses can be avoided through routine health checks and other preventative measures. We offer a broad range of services many of which are free. We are, therefore, very pleased to be able to offer our clients free nurses clinics. The free services offered include adolescent health checks, geriatric clincs, worm and flea advice (including giving the tablets!), post op checks, stitches out, weight clinics, dietary advice etc. The nurses also offer nail clipping and anal gland emptying services (incurs a charge).  Nurse health checks are conducted  free of charge.

Nutrition and diet are obviously very important. Unfortunately the trend towards obesity in the pet population is increasing. As with people, allowing our pets to carry excess weight can adversely affect health causing or worsening such diseases as arthritis, diabetes, liver disease, heart disease.If you are having difficulty in losing the pounds with your pet or are unsure if your pet is the correct weight our nurses can help. The Chubby Club is a free service to help your pet return to optimum weight and health.

Is your pet starting to feel the effects of old age? Unlike humans our pets are unable to tell us about signs of early disease, so it is important to have them regularly checked in their senior years. We advise that all pets over 8 years have a Senior Health Check with one of our nurses who will check on general condition and perform routine tests (blood pressure, urinalysis and blood screens*). Any specific problems highlighted can then be referred to one of our vets for early treatment/prevention.

*Clients pay for any laboratory tests at a subsidised rate.

Congleton Surgery
Tel: 01260 273449
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Biddulph Surgery
Tel: 01782 513077
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Newcastle Surgery
Tel: 01782 616551
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Butt Lane Surgery
Tel: 01782 771441
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Smallthorne Surgery
Tel: 01782 577995
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Large Animal Surgery
Tel: 01260 291037
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