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Charter Vets PetDialog AppSpeak Your Pet’s Language

Pets are part of the family and need lots of care and attention but sometimes, when things get hectic, it can be difficult to keep on top of their health and vitality. Charter Veterinary Surgeons have come up with a solution to this dilemma with our new, free app to help you manage your pet’s health on the go.

PetDialog is an interactive app that lets you track and chart progress of your pet’s exercise, diet, weight and even walks that can be shared on social sites such as Facebook. This information can all be tracked over time so owners can see trends and fluctuations in their pet’s activity. It also has a built-in calendar to let you see upcoming appointments for your pet, manage and view customised treatment reminders and stay on top of important preventative health measures such as flea and worm treatments, vaccinations and health checks. 

The app builds a story of your pet’s vitality helping you and your vet to choose the best course of action to keep your best friend in top shape Steve Harris from Charter vets comments: “We think this new app will really help our customers stay on top of their pet’s healthcare needs by tracking their pet’s health and sending gentle reminders when important treatments are due”. 

And it’s not just about monitoring your pet’s health needs, there are some fun elements too, with a quiz allowing you to qualify for a wellness badge and the ability to upload photographs of your pets with their name, birthday, breed and other personal details.

The PetDialog app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or from Google

Play for those on Android. 

To find the app either:

1. Use the Blippar app to scan this page to take you directly to the app.

2. Free text PetDialog to 80800

3. Use the search button on your app store and type in PetDialog (no spaces)

To register please use the following Vet ID code:

For Congleton clients: CharterC1

For Biddulph clients: CharterB1

For Newcastle clients: CharterN1

For Butt Lane clients: CharterBL1

For Smallthorne clients: CharterS1


Antifreeze Poisoning

As the cold snap continues we would like to remind people that antifreeze, commonly found in screenwash, coolant and brake fluids, is extremely toxic to pets. 

Unfortunately cats in particular have a fondness for drinking these fluids and very quickly will succumb to kidney failure. Symptoms include sickness, lethargy, weakness and wobbliness. It is essential that treatment is commenced immediately for any chance of survival but prevention is obviously better than cure so please do not leave any antifreeze fluids open or unattended where a cat could get to them.


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